Fishing in Roatan

How To Hire A Fishing Charter In Roatan Honduras

Are you interested in going on a fishing or fly-fishing trip in the near future? Perhaps you would like to charter a fishing boat? All of these things are possible in a wide variety of areas. One of the best places for people to go if they would like to hire a fishing charter excursion is to head on over to Roatan Honduras. This is actually an island that can be located in the Caribbean. It is referred to as the Big Island, similar to the main island in Hawaii. It is located between a couple other islands, and has the largest bay of all of the islands in Honduras. It is a fantastic place to charter a fishing boat for a day.

Why Is Roatan Honduras A Great Place To Go Fishing?

This is a fantastic place to go fishing for a couple of different reasons. First of all, it is in the Caribbean. It’s going to be warm, and there are going to be a wide assortment of fish that you can catch, ones that will definitely make your trip worthwhile. It is also adjacent to an ancient coral reef which is part of the reason why this trip is so fantastic. What you will want to do initially is contact a couple of the different fishing charter companies and find out when they are available and how much it will cost.

Choosing The Right Fishing Charter Company

You will initially look for fishing charter companies in Roatan that have quite a bit of positive feedback. Additionally, you will want to look at flyfishing trips, ones that will take you out on the flats of the Bay Islands, a unique experience that is in a very beautiful and remote location. They do have a six rod per week limit which is why this area will always have excellent fishing. You will be able to catch barracuda, Snook, tarpaulin, permit and even Bonefish if that is what you prefer. The company that you choose should have feedback online that you can read either from testimonials on their website or what you can find through searching on Google or other search engines. Reviews are everything when it comes to understanding how a company really does operate. The one with the most reviews are the ones that you will want to initially call.

Fishing Charters Roatan

This area has come a long way since the indigenous people of pre-Columbian times lived in the area. They are thought to be related to some of the many cultures that are in relative close proximity such as the Maya or Jicaque. Today, it is definitely a place that tourists can enjoy. You will have access to modern amenities, and for your fishing trip, all of the latest fishing gear and tackle will be available to you. Best of all, you will have trained guides that will be able to help you get out on the water and catch some of these beautiful fish for which Roatan Honduras fishing charter excursions are known for.


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Amazing Selling Machine Review Or ASM Scam or Not?

Amazing Selling Machine Scam Or Not? Successful For A Reason!

Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) program has made a lot of money for those savvy enough to know to capitalize. Actually, one doesn’t need to be that great of a marketer in order to do well with FBA, and that’s what makes it very attractive as a viable business model to follow. The amount of buyer traffic that the retail giant commands dwarfs any possible traffic one can muster to their own website with even the most sophisticated internet marketing campaigns. While there may be some rare instances, the fact is there is no faster way to get up and be successful with a business than my participating in this. That being said, there are many pitfalls to jumping straight into the FBA pool and that’s why there are many courses out there claiming to walk you through the process. One of the most successful of those out there is the Amazing Selling Machine program.

Yes, it’s probably one of the most expensive you will find after doing your due diligence but that’s because a large part of the community is having success. One can argue that people who can afford the course are more along in their understanding of business and thus the success, but that would devalue the full benefit of the comprehensive coaching program that Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback had put together. Coaching is the key term in the previous sentence since this program is not just a collection of tutorials for one to watch and be left alone.

There is a vibrant community with badges to be earned throughout the process. When a member achieves a certain goal, they earn a badge, which they can proudly display. This not only keeps people accountable, but also goes to show the large number of successful students within the program. It’s not too often one will see this much success at such high numbers. What would be an example? How about a few members grossing over 1 million dollars of sales a month? Not impressive enough? What about 200 members making 50 thousand per month? Ten thousand a month is one of the easiest goals with a large percentage of students hitting that number, once they get a product that fits all the criteria that is discussed in the program.

It can’t be all pretty and full of all success right? That is true and one of the biggest obstacles are some of the following:

1) Not having enough capital – While in the course, they teach you to negotiate with wholesalers to test products, it’s when a student takes it to the next level where issues may come up. The speed of success happens sometimes too fast and having enough capital to keep up inventory truly is a cash flow problem. While selling is good, not having enough to fund replenishing inventory is a roadblock for many. Which leads to another fact which is the next point.

2) Not factoring delivery lead time – Again, this is discussed completely in the course but it’s still an issue since while air shipments is more convenient, the reality is shipment by boat will afford the best pricing and profit margins. Factoring in the time it takes to ship a product from overseas to maintain inventory, again is something people have to consider.

While the above are not really issues, when the success comes when running an Amazon FBA business, these will be some of your biggest concerns. These are all discussed in detail in the Amazing Selling Machine community so support from the founders as well as successful members is right at your computer fingertips.


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Having your Bar Mitzvah in Israel

Bar Mitzvah in Israel

Many of get invited to a Bar Mitzvah at least once in our lives. This can be something that’s very exciting for the person who’s becoming a man. Especially if the Bar Mitzvah in Israel is hosted in the holly land!  For those of us who aren’t Jewish, and have never been to an event like this before, it can be quite nerve racking. We may not know what to do, or how to act while attending the service or party. That is why it is great to have an event planner like Jessica at www.jess972.com show you how to plan a Bar Mitzvah in Israel down to the last detail of your celebration! You will be very happy that you hired her to do all your event planning.

When you are coming in to attend the service, whether you’re Jewish or not, it’s considered quite rude not to wear a Kipah. That’s the little hat Jewish men put on their heads. This isn’t something that’s not mandatory for females, obviously. You will get stares if you aren’t wearing one, and people may come to the conclusion that you’re trying to be disrespectful.

You shouldn’t be wearing a Tallet, that scarf thing Jewish men put around their necks, unless you’re Jewish. This serves a different purpose then the hat, and isn’t necessary to wear unless you’re a Jewish man above Bar Mitzvah age. If you do qualify to wear one, you should only wear yours for the Saturday service. These aren’t worn on Friday night.

Many of the words throughout the service won’t be in English, they will be in Hebrew. This depends on how secular, or orthodox the service is. Even with Orthodox services, it’s common for the sermon, and other speeches to be made in English. This may only not be true if you go to a Bar Mitzvah for a kid that’s in Hasidim. Almost all prays, no matter the level of observance, will be in Hebrew.

Don’t clap during the service. This is something we do not do. Sometimes, clapping for speeches and sermons is done in churches, but it’s never done in a Jewish service. You may clap along to a song though, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you see the Jewish people around you doing it.

You’ll be needed a gift, it’s only polite to bring one. Many people bring checks as Bar Mitzvah presents. This is something you can do, but you can also leave a present that isn’t mon